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Undergraduate Research Experience (REU)

CMIX encourages undergraduate students to participate in various research activities conducted by its faculty members through financial support under an REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) fund. Selected CMIX undergraduates are paid by the REU fund for their meaningful involvement in research topics during summer months and regular semester months. REU is an important and valuable avenue for undergraduates to gain richer knowledge and skills beyond what typical class settings offer. Two types of funding sources are available to support student research: (a) from NSF (National Science Foundation) for topics related to on-going research projects, called NSF-REU, and (b) from CMIX for topics of students’ choice, called CMIX-REU.

NSF-REU support is available year-round, for a longer duration with various pay levels commensurate with qualification, for an annual amount up to $8000 per REU. The school has several NSF-REU positions available now and encourages semaphore and junior students to apply. Interested undergraduates are encouraged to apply for NSF-REU positions at any time, by contacting Dr. Xindong Wu (E-mail: or Dr. Nian-Feng Tzeng (E-mail:

CMIX-REU funding is expected to support up to five awardees during the summer of 2018. Each CMIX-REU awardee (1) is to carry out research for two summer months, paid at $1000/month for a total of $2000, and (2) is to be mentored and supervised by one faculty member. Interested undergraduates are encouraged to apply for CMIX-REU awards, by submitting application materials to Dr. Nian-Feng Tzeng by March 21, 2018. Those who plan to take CMPS 490 are especially encouraged to apply. Application materials for CMIX-REU include (1) a transcript, (2) a one-page statement about past project/research experience and planned research during the funded two summer months, and (3) a one-page CV. Chosen by a committee, CMIX-REU awardees for the summer of 2018 will be announced by March 29. Each CMIX-REU awardee will be assigned with a suitable CMIX faculty member for research mentoring.